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Our Most Valued Employees: 
Dixie, Sadie, Fred, Katie, Charlie, & Pearl
Grey Percheron Mare
16.1 hands high
20 years old
Likes:  A good roll in the grass (or mud), peppermints/food in crinkly wrappers, apples and lots and lots of brushing and attention.

Baths of any kind (especially having her face washed), slippery manhole covers.

Dixie has been known to talk to herself quietly while giving rides. We can only assume that she's thinking of her old pal Duke & pondering whether or not he's around the next corner. Dixie also likes to stick her tongue out when stopping at red lights (don't take it personally).
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Grey Percheron Mare (pure white)
17.2 hands high
26 years old
Likes:  Long drinks of water, potato chips, her buddy Dixie, and staying cleaner than the rest of the grey horses in the winter.

:  What's that?!  Sadie is entirely agreeable and doesn't put up a fuss about anything.  She is so laid back and sweet that we compare her to the loveable character of Eeyore.  She is an all-around good citizen.

  Sadie's favorite way to travel down the road or stand is with her head at knee level.  If we could just get her to carry a scoop in her mouth, we could put her to work as a bulldozer!
Everyone enjoys sharing a meal with friends...
Likes:  Hanging with his friends, pushing things around, a nice shade tree, brisk walks, and some good treats. 

Boredom and drummers.

Fred loves doing remodeling at the farm; he has been known to crack fence boards and tear barn parts off.  His interest in (de)construction may be attributed to his previous career as a lumberjack.
Black Percheron Gelding
17.3 hands high
18 years old
Likes:  Being a leader, getting a good mutual grooming from her pal Dixie, staying squeaky clean without assistance, and she adores hanging out with her buddy Sadie.

Baths (so it's an added bonus that she's a clean diva) and getting out of a trailer.

Katie used to be an absolute drama queen about getting out of the trailer.  We're not sure if she wanted a longer ride or if stepping on solid ground made her so giddy she needed to lie down.
Bay Clydesdale Mare
17.3 hands high
11 years old
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Linda, Owner & Chief Horse Washer
The staff at Classic Carriage LLC is committed
to providing excellent customer service & operating with absolute
care for the safety of our passengers and horses.
Likes:  Hanging out with her chum, Dixie, at the feeder, in the barn, under the tree, everywhere.  She also likes starring in parades, and taking slow/leisurely strolls.

Refined sugars.

We think it's quirky that this horse has no quirks other than snubbing refined sugars.  She is straight as an arrow and walks the line.
Grey Percheron Mare
22 years old
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